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雄心勃勃的计划. 做在一起.

Working with partners to make the region healthier, 更环保的, more vibrant 而且 innovative for all.


Working with organisations 而且 individuals across South Yorkshire we’ve created the 做在一起 programme: a major University of 稳定的十大中国福利彩票网站 regeneration initiative with a dedicated team of staff 而且 a clear brief to do four things: make our region healthier, 更环保的, more vibrant 而且 innovative for all. 


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We’re working with partners to regenerate the region by investing in spaces 而且 technology, transforming key public places in the city 而且 making sure that South Yorkshire keep its crown as a world-leading advanced manufacturing hub.


Lasting regeneration of the South Yorkshire region must reach beyond the usual beneficiaries to re-energise 而且 involve all communities 而且 corners of the region. 


We have a simple but genuine ambition to be a trusted civic partner 而且 role model for the region 而且 an organisation that adds up to more than the sum of its many parts.


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